• booking of a studio does not include the photographer services
  • The ‘Photoroom’ studio is open every day from 9.00 to 20.00. Rent during unsociable hours is negotiated separately
  • the shooting room is booked in advance via the online booking form in the ‘Booking’ on the website
  • minimum lease time of the hall – 1 hour
  • dressing table is available for 1 hour prior to shooting and is free of charge
  • free parking on the territory of the Studio building
  • if you cancel your reservation less than 3 days before the shooting, the Studio has the right to withhold the payment
  • the administrator provides access to the hall to a renter only after lease amount payment in full and signing the rules of the Studio. Please plan your time with this requirement in mind.
  • the Studio is not responsible for the things left in the halls and common areas, but, if possible, does everything for their safety


The timing of the lease:

  • we recommend that you come 10 minutes before the start time of the hall lease
  • the beginning of the hall lease is the stated time you booked, not the actual time of the shooting
  • in case of delay due to the fault of the customer, the booked time is not extended by the time of delay
  • in case of early completion of the shooting, the booked time is paid in full
  • the time of the end of the lease is the time of complete release of the hall from the models and the customer property
  • if the customer is delayed with the release of the premises for more than 15 minutes after the booked time, the customer pays the cost of renting the hall of the photo Studio, every 15 minutes – as 1 hour
  • the Studio lease period ends 5 minutes before the end of the lease period. Those 5 minutes are used for cleaning the hall and putting it in order
  • extension of the lease period in excess of the booked time is carried out in agreement with the administration, provided that the Photo Studio is not booked after the end of the lease period
  • at the end of shooting, the rented room should be put in order. All props must be handed over to the administrator. The debris generated during the shooting must be removed BEFORE the end of the rental period of the shooting hall. If for any reason you cannot clean the room after shooting, cleaning is charged separately. The amount is equal to one hour of the hall lease


During shooting:

  • the entrance to the halls of the Studio only without shoes / second pair of shoes
  • the use of alcohol and tobacco products in the Studio is strictly prohibited. Visitors in a state of intoxication are not allowed into the Studio
  • shooting with animals is made in coordination with administration
  • Be SURE to specify the possibility of filming with additional material (shooting with flocks, snow, flour, feathers, sequins, flower petals, dyes, etc.). Booking the time should be made taking into the account that the follow-up cleaning is necessary.
  • it is forbidden to stick adhesive tape, tape, drill holes or mount fasteners on the walls of the Studio
  • for groups of more than 6 people, including people in the common areas of the Studio, a surcharge of 50% of the cost of the lease of the hall is applied
  • the customer is responsible for the visitors who arrive with him
  • by renting a Studio, you confirm that you are liable for damage to equipment, backgrounds, furniture, glass and mobile structures of the Studio
  • moving of furniture is made only in coordination with the administration and using the customer’s labour
  • photography in the common areas of the Studio must be agreed with the administration in advance
  • eating and drinking in the halls is prohibited